Summer Fashion Do’s and Dont’s

There are some hot, and some not, fashion trends for this summer. Here are some fashion do’s and dont’s that will keep you looking great all summer long.

Some fashion trends to watch this summer are leather accents, large ruffles, bold stripes, overalls and jumpsuits. Colors and patterns are bold and classic. Black and white patterns are in. Neon colors are out. Broad stripes are in. Small, feminine ruffles are out.

Do get a shorts suit. Think a one piece short jumpsuit or a two piece shorts and jacket combo. Choose a solid color for a classic look or choose something bold or patterned to make a fresh statement. Either way, shorts suits make a classy statement.

Do get a 20’s inspired frock. This summer is the Great Gatsby is all the rage and there are a lot of flapper-inspired fashions to choose from.

Do go a bit sporty. In fashion this year are sporty touches like baseball caps and wide stripes. Go bold with bright, feminine color accents. Think yellow or orange for that feminine touch.

Don’t go crazy with wild accessories or neon colors. Colors this season are classic. Think orange, yellow, black and white. Keep accessories to a minimum. Pick one or two pieces and you’re done!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little bit. It is OK to mix floral patterns, as long as you don’t over do it. The secret is to choose patterns that are totally different sizes.

Don’t shy away from stripes. Stripes are in this year. Just keep in mind that vertical stripes are more flattering than horizontal ones. Make a splash with a boldly striped jumpsuit.

Do add a little leather to your summer wardrobe. Leather is very ‘in’ this year. There are lots of lightweight and colorful options. Shoot for one item, a skirt or vest, rather than a whole ensemble.

Do accessorize. That is good advice, no matter what the season. This year, oversized, colorful handbags are all the rage. Scarves are in too. A light, silky scarf makes a perfect summer fashion accessory.

Do get some fun and colorful sunglasses. Get a little Hollywood glam with oversized and flirty sunglasses. Black and white zebra stripes or bold, bright colors add flair to a summer outfit. Just don’t go too overboard on the frame size. Too big, and you might start looking like a cartoon character.

Don’t let your bra straps show. In the summer, tank tops abound and so do visible bra straps. Lots of tanks come with built in bras, or there are strapless versions.

Don’t wear heavy boots with skirts. Instead choose a light, strappy sandal or cute pump. Little boots can be alright, think short suede boots.

Don’t forget a great little hat. Shield yourself from the sun with an adorable straw hat. Look for something small and cute with a clever accent like a wide ribbon or a tasteful feather. Also in, baseball caps and fedoras. Just remember a little hat goes a long way.

Fashion Trends That Are Heating Up Just in Time for Summer

Fashion Trend #1: Luxury Leather

Luxury is making a comeback and the winner is… leather. People are responding to the luxuriousness and new style options. If leather sounds too hot for summer, don’t worry. Leather can be added as a simple accessory, such as a handbag or belt.

Leather has come a long way since the biker jacket too… There are paper thin leathers, laser cut leathers and a wide range of colors and styles. There are also very convincing ‘faux’ leathers for people who don’t like the real thing.

For summer, consider taking something light, like a floral print dress with a chic black leather jacket or vest. It gives instant class to a typical summer outfit.

Another take on the leather trend is leather trim. Think leather cuffs or collars. Leather makes a classy accent.

Fashion Trend #2: Overalls

Overalls are back in a big way this year. For summer, grab some shortalls. This year, leather and denim shortalls are definitely in!

It could be a nod to the recession, or maybe it’s just time to bring them back. From the farm to the runway, overalls are a big trend right now.

Also popular are overalls step-sister, the jumpsuit. Summer 2013 features adorable black leather short jumpsuits and overalls. Accessorize with a gold tank top, belt or chunky necklace.

Fashion Trend #3: Holographic Accessories

Holograms aren’t just for Tupac concerts anymore. Summer 2013 boasts a bold trend toward holographic accessories. They are bright, bold and stunning.

Holographic effects are being added to jewelry, nail polish, clutches, handbags, sunglasses… even shoes! Holographic accessories can create a dramatic effect in the summer sun. A truly futuristic fashion choice.

Fashion Trend #4: Ruffles

Oversized ruffles are big this year. Several runway collections featured highly styled and sculpted ruffles. Think of a bold peplum over a straight skirt.

Done right, ruffles can flatter your figure and add a touch of style to a classic design. Here are some tips for wearing ruffles. Ruffles are pretty dramatic on their own, so there is no need to accessorize. Keep jewelery to a minimum or choose, small, subtle pieces like stud earrings. Keep hair out of the way by pulling it up into a sleek style that won’t compete.

Fashion Trend #5: Scarves

Scarves make a perfect summer fashion accessory. They can add a splash of color to a plain denim outfit or simple sheath dress. Scarves come in an endless variety of fabrics, knits, patterns and colors. Scarves can be silk, knit or cotton. They can be printed, painted or dyed.

Here are some great ways to accessorize with scarves!

A wide scarf can be fashioned into a colorful tank top. Or used as a hair wrap or shrug. Scarves can be knotted, braided or tied to make a bold fashion statement. A scarf can be twisted into an infinity look.

Gamut of Summer Dresses

It’s sunshine time again! The bleak and gloomy winter season is slowly waning out and the sun is ready to shower its bright light making the day vibrant and energetic. Well, it’s that of the year to opt for a complete wardrobe makeover. Even before the summer sets in, you need to check out the fashion trends and be able to predict what would be in vogue for the year.

There is a gamut of choices for both men as well as women ranging from casual to formal wear. Considering the fact that summers would be hot and humid and the need to adhere to strict dress codes especially in workplaces, it is important choose summer dresses that would meet both these criteria perfectly well. It is quite obvious that you can’t wear a spaghetti strap top to the workplace when there are strict dress codes.

Some tips to choose perfect summer outfits:

The fabric that you wear must give enough room for the skin to breathe. Natural fabrics like cotton are the most preferred dress material during the summer season.

Choose light colors. Pastel shades will be the best bet for summer season. Avoid dark colored clothes as it will absorb heat making it very uncomfortable in a hot and humid climate.

Always buy loose fitting clothes for summer. However, ensure that it fits in snugly around your waist in order to look slim.

Do not wear clothes that will make you claustrophobic.

With the summer 2013 rolling out, it is that time of the year to opt for a complete makeover of your wardrobe.

Let us check out the summer fashion trends of 2013


If you thought that Capes are only for winter, then you are wrong. The Duchess satin capes, released by Burberry Prorsum, are a classic example that capes can be the most desirable outfit during the summers as well. It is worth mentioning here that Hollywood star Anne Hathaway was seen elegantly draped in a cape at the Les Miserables premiere after-party held in London.

Oriental-inspired clothing:

Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada has come out with a summer clothing range inspired from the Oriental fashion. The range of Kimonos in silks is a rage this summer among the fashion-conscious.

Leather skirts:

Light-weight or weight-less leather skirts are the in-thing this summer. Yes, people who thought the leathers were for winter has been proven wrong by the fashion designers this year. These skirts would be an ideal outfit for night parties during the summer. Try out a stark black leather skirt with a sheer see-through tank-top in lighter hues and be a cynosure of all eyes!

Metallic hues:

Metallic hues such as gold, silver, bronze, will turn out to be a hit during the summer 2013 as it was the previous year. This is a good investment as metallic hues will be in trend for seasons to come, predict fashion designers. Well, investing in metallic hue dresses seems to be a safe investment.

Top summer dresses 2013

Monochrome Checks: Monochrome or black-and-white checked dresses – skirts, tops, maxi, etc., – are in fashion this summer.

Large-sized white shirts:

Starched, big-sized white shirts are trending this summer 2013. Victoria Beckham did certainly look chic walking the ramp to create a fashion statement in an over-sized white shirt. The shirt dress, particularly with collars popping out, would look good.

Tuxedo jackets in white:

Christian Dior and Jean Pierre Braganza managed to steal the show while walking the ramp along with Stella McCartney and Unique sporting white tuxedo jackets. The in-thing this summer would be the Jaeger tux perfectly stitched with a rounded shoulder.

Skinny trousers:

Michael Kors wore a pair of skinny trousers and paired it with the same design shirt, which made heads turn! Stripes, of course, are the latest trend this summer.

Split-front skirts:

Flash a bit of your leg this summer by wearing a split-front skirt! The best buy would be a monochrome split-front skirt.

Frilly dress:

Frilled dresses are still the hot favorite among women and have been making it to the summer fashion scene almost every year. This year’s shade for summer is pink!

Major Summer Fashion Tips for Women for 2014

How to dress in the summer of 2014? This is a question which every woman asks. It is certainly challenging to find your way around the many different trends set by designers from around the globe. Consider some basic fashion tips which will help you to find the right style for you and look fabulous every time you go out.

Show Some Skin

Do not be afraid to wear shorts, min skirts and shirt dresses. Summer is all about showing off with your best assets. The short tops which reveal a tiny strip of your tummy are a huge hit at present. They are great for paring with the high waist short skirts which have been a total hit since last year. These outfits are ideal for women of all sizes including plus-size ladies.

Remember to eliminate the sleeves as well. The sleeveless tops always make you look thinner and sexier as well. The tops and dresses with spaghetti straps are always stylish, but you should consider the strapless models for the most attractive look.

Get Inspired by the 90’s

The fashion of the early 1990’s is making a huge comeback in the summer of 2014. The short overalls rule the scene right now. The denim models are totally chick and so are the ones made from thin breathable fabrics. The overalls as well as all shorts and mini skirts go amazingly well with white free-flowing cotton tops and shirts.

The knit tops are back again and go excellently with more casual shorts and jeans and with dressier skirts. The knits are big so you will really get to show even more skin. Again, these tops are free-flowing and super comfy to wear.

The short sundresses with thin straps are back again. Their basic design will give you a very girly and playful look. One of the best things about these dresses is that they can be easily paired with almost any kind of t-shirt.

Play with Colors and Patterns

White is one of the trendiest colors this summer. The white tops and blouses are perhaps the biggest hits of 2014. The white skirts and shorts are also super hot. However, this does not mean that there is not a wide selection of other colors and patterns to pick from. The pastel greens, blues and pinks are super trendy as usually. The big colorful floral patterns are a great choice not only for garden wedding dresses and outdoor evening parties but for suits for the office as well.

Experiment with Shoes

The high-heeled sandals are back and come in a variety of great designs. The ankle strap is a must. It makes your leg look even thinner and longer. The embellishments are not particularly trendy for summer 2014. The softer and lighter colors rule the scene. The white and beige shoes are among the most hip.

You are now ready to dress fashionably in the summer of 2014. Just remember to add the right accessories – a pair of gorgeous sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat for the day and a lavish clutch for the evening.

Heating Up Your Wardrobe Just in Time For Summer

Finally, it’s summer time again! After too many layers and dark colors, it’s time to drag out the clothes perfect for enjoying breezy days at the beach, tasty cocktails on an outdoor terrace, and nights under the stars. But dressing for summer can be far more challenging than dressing for winter. After all, once you’re not a teenager anymore, how do you know the difference between dressing for the season and looking too casual? Thankfully, it’s not that hard to throw together a summer wardrobe that will have heads turning even as the first breezes of fall start shaking the leaves off the trees. It’s time to heat up that wardrobe for summer!

One of the easiest places to start dressing for a season with older articles of clothing is simply by looking at what the colors are going to be. Nudes were back in a huge way last year, and the trend appears to continue on, especially in regard to very muted yellows and pinks. While greens and blues were a big hit, this time around, it’s going to be purples and plums. Think classic 1970s summer fashion or the sophisticated evening dresses from a couple of decades before, and you’ll have a good handle on what items from your closet can make their second debut this season.

Something that keeps coming back no matter what seems to be the blazer in a new incarnation. While this look might work if you’re particularly young and have a blazer that’s particularly well-tailored, we say stay away. It’s also not very summery to have that extra layer, and it has the tendency to drag your shoulders down. Blazers and ripped-up jeans are definite fashion don’ts, no matter what the magazines are showing you from fashion week. There are just some things that regular, classy people aren’t supposed to wear, ever.

Instead, get fun and have a great time choosing accessories. The whole minimal approach to just a little bit of gold or silver has flown out the window, though that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow the most important rule of accessorizing: less is always, ALWAYS, more. Don’t feel the need to grab bracelets, bangles, and necklaces all for one outfit, but do definitely invest in at least one fun bangle bracelet and one bright and colorful necklace. It’s a very simple way to dress up a plain black dress or one of those single-shouldered numbers you just picked up, and changing the accessories helps you get a ton of mileage out of your clothes.

One trend that is long due for its summer re-emergence isn’t really a trend at all, just a pattern. Remember you heard it here first, and that dots are poised and ready to take over once again. In recent collections for House of Holland and Dolce & Gabbana, dots have featured prominently, so it’s entirely possible that they’re going to become a staple of fabric yet again. It sure beats last year’s Hammer pants.

When dressing your whole body for a season of sun and fun, don’t forget the head! From hats to headscarves, it looks like above your face is the new hot zone for accessorizing. Just stay away from that scrunchie trend, and you’re certain to look timeless and chic when hitting the beach in a nice hat that wouldn’t have you out of place in The Great Gatsby.

From your head down to your feet, here’s a trend we weren’t expecting to endure another season of summer. The days of strappy sandals are sadly over for women who prefer to be comfortable rather than stylish. Fierce heels are here to stay, and if you learn to walk properly in them, they can make your simple dress the hit of any party by leaps and bounds. Just be careful!

Depending on how comfortable you feel in them, leggings are another great facet of this season’s fashion. They’ve carried on over from the spring and winter, and are ready in new colors and weights for summer. It’s a simple way of dressing up a skirt or dress, and a nice take on accessorizing if you’re not prepared to drape yourself in headscarves and gigantic necklaces. Definitely don’t forget about leggings. And don’t forget that your look doesn’t have to be all about the season. Whatever mixing and matching you do, summer is time for fun and relaxing, so dress accordingly and have a great time!

Summer Sandals – The Way to Finish Any Little Girl’s Outfit

When it comes to little girls fashions for summer, many people think of dresses and shorts. The idea of girl’s shoes as a summer fashion necessity is not something that crosses one’s mind often. This can become very apparent when you see a little girl at the playground with a great summer outfit on and not the best shoes to finish off the outfit. That is why it is important for every little girl to have a great variety of summer sandals to finish off any outfit.


This is definitely the first outfit that comes to mind when you think of a little girl wearing summer sandals. A sundress is light and airy and the openness of summer sandals is a great way to compliment the look. Choose a leather sandal with an elastic strap for younger girls and one with a buckle for older girls. A pair of white summer sandals is the best basic option to do this with. However, with the rise in popularity of sandals, there are always great color options to go with any sundress.


Putting sneakers on after getting out of the pool or when hanging out at the beach is not always the best idea. Sand and water get trapped in the shoes and could make it uncomfortable for your little girl to walk. Summer sandals especially ones made of plastic will allow your little girl’s feet to dry as well as letting any sand fall out of the shoe as she walks. Sandals were made to go with swimwear. It is a natural combination that has been in fashion every summer for adults. It is time to get little girls in on this fashion trend.

Cropped pants

One of the most popular looks this summer for little girls is cropped pants. They are a must for the playground, because of the added protection that they give little knees from slips and falls. Sandals are a great compliment to this fashion forward look. This type of look does well with summer sandals that have appliques on them like flowers. This is especially true of denim and solid colored cropped pants.

When planning your little girl’s summer wardrobe, you do not want to forget about her shoes. They are an essential piece of every outfit that can make or break a look. That is why it is so important to finish off all of her hot summer outfits with summer sandals. They are the look that will put the cherry on the top of any fashion sundae.

Choosing Summer Fashions

With things heating up in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s time to look at that tired winter wardrobe and start replacing jumpers and jeans with fresh summer pieces.

Although approaches will differ, a great idea is to focus on light fabrics, spicing them up with some eye-catching jewelry and stunning footwear. Not only will this keep you cool and practical, it will also allow you to dance the night away on those warm summer nights without ending up looking like you’ve just put 2 hours of cardio in at the gym.

The general tactic for dressing up in summer (while trying to dress down to stay cool) is to stick with layering and lightness. Floral dresses or slouchy pants are great. Add a small, light jacket for those nights that can get a little breezy and you are set to go all night. Bold patterns and / or outstanding accessories are the way to set-off your ensemble.

Shorts are an under-appreciated asset. If you’re yet to adopt shorts or don’t feel the cut works for you, try on some summer pants. The most important thing when choosing pants for summer is the length. For day-to-day pants, look for wide legged pants in cotton or linen. To complement your pants, go with a light cotton t-shirt. This will provide plenty of breathability for those warm summer days. If you’re looking for something a little more “businessy”, a blouse that buttons-up is a perfect match.

These basic tips should help you in choosing your summer fashions for the upcoming months. And remember, the best place to buy summer designer clothing is online!

Top Summer Fashion and Beauty Deals

It’s easy to have a fun and exciting summer on a budget. Just follow these money-saving tips.

Get a Makeover

The next time you’re making your regular makeup purchase at MAC, stick around for a makeover. MAC provides make-up applications for customers by appointment, with a $50 purchase minimum. You can choose from a variety of looks in their makeup look book, or tell the makeup artist exactly what you want. Schedule your trip to MAC right before a night out on the town to get a flawless face for a flawless evening.

Get a Free Alteration

How many times have you gone into the fitting room with too many items to carry, yet come back out with nothing, because nothing seemed to fit correctly? If you shop at Nordstrom you never have to leave empty-handed again, because the department store offers free alterations on all Nordstrom items purchased at full-price.

Get a Low-Priced, High-Quality Hair Style

Beauty schools offer discounted hair cuts, color and styles, because the stylists are currently working towards receiving their cosmetology licenses. During non-school hours, take a trip to the Paul Mitchell School (a press and curl is only $20). Enjoy the trendy ambiance and the unique hairstyles of the student stylists.

Go to the Alleys

At the Alleys, located in downtown Los Angeles, near the fashion district, you’ll find great deals on shoes, accessories and clothing, for men and women. In fact, many of the shop owners purchase items from the same wholesalers as stores such as Forever 21, Charolette Russe, etc.

Get a Designer Discount

You don’t have to go to Rodeo Drive to get designer clothing. Jimmy Choo shoes, bags and accessories will be available at H&M starting November 14, and you can currently find Tracy Feith’s Go International line at Target.

Footwear Fashions for Spring/Summer

Summer is here again. The time of year when the sun comes up and everybody seems to be happy. We love summer, but we love summer shoes even more. Here we have put together a simple article discussing all the latest women’s summer shoe fashions, in the hope of inspiring many of you to take a step in the right direction and dress to impress this season. From espadrilles to wedges, we look at some of this year’s most prominent footwear fashions.

The Wedge
So, starting with the wedge. A big trend this season and one that has overshadowed the stiletto heel greatly. ‘Out with the skinny and in with the chunky’ is the motto of the fashionista this season. Gone are skinny jeans, and gone are skinny heels – it’s all about the wedge. This is a great choice of footwear, because they are both comfortable and elegant. The wide surface area means that we can wear wedges all day without suffering any of the pain normally associated with heels. Choose a relatively open foot design, to ensure that your feet stay cool in the sweltering sun. Pair with another of this year’s biggest fashions, the maxi dress.

Nude Heels
OK, so not as popular as the wedge heel, the nude heel is still a great choice of shoe for wearing on an evening or at a wedding. They look great with most styles of clothing, but tend to have that party/elegant look, so most appropriate for special occasions.

A complete opposite of heels, these shoes are supremely comfortable. Not only are they very comfortable for walking in, they are also extremely lightweight and made of natural materials, which means that they keep your feet cool. Espadrilles look great with a wide range of different clothing; from skinny jeans to miniskirts, they look great.

Gladiator Sandals
Gladiator sandals have been on-trend since 2008, and they continue in their popularity this year too. Although this year’s models are a reinterpretation of previous years, they still prove exceptionally elegant. Again, this style of shoe matches many different trends, but as a rule of thumb, if you are wearing tall sandals, keep your skirt or trousers very short (in fact, do not wear trousers, wear shorts), or you risk looking plumper than you are – really, you should avoid taller shoes if unless you are relatively tall or quite skinny. With long trousers or skirts, stick to shorter sandals, those that finish at, or just above or below, the ankle.

To finish, let us consider some of this year’s most trendy colours (the advice here relates to all of the above styles of footwear).

Neon colours are very popular amongst the fashionista at present. Indeed, you cannot look to the catwalk without the risk of dazzling your eyes with neon. From ballet pumps to sandals, it’s all about neon. Remember: always keep to one focal point per outfit; if your shoes stand out then play down the rest of your outfit, and vice versa.

Indian Fashion Summer Inspirations for 2015

Every year, we see more and more trend appearing. For this summer season in 2015, here is a selection of inspirations from Indian designers that have used these different trends throughout their collections.

Clean and Straight

Recently we have seen an influx of oversized clothing, which has been a key focus for some designers. Opt for 90’s styling of XL silhouettes for this summer season and especially humid summers, there is nothing more comfy and stylish. It is always more comfortable to wear oversized clothes than skinny dresses or shorts in the hot summer months. For women, you can wear boxy tunics over pants, culottes or even tank tops. For men, it will be more about wearing oversized shirts and straight-cut pants with a light overcoat.

Also for the Indian textile lovers, this trend is perfect to revive handloom khadi fabrics.

Be Bright

You can play with bright colours without having to do much more. Let your imagination make a pop-art statement when it comes to the cut and silhouette part. Opt for colour blocking such as burnt orange, pale mint, turquoise blue, sunshine yellow, pale lilac, Turkish blue, candy pink, olive green, black and white. Opt for 60’s styling and silhouettes, and don’t be afraid to play with geometric colour blocking. It’s better to use darker colour blocks on the side to look slim and vertical blocks for illusion of height.

The Turban Style

Turbans are on top for a summer accessory this year. The good thing about this accessory is that you can allow yourself to have a few “bad hair days” and also you don’t have to worry too much about how to style you hair. You can opt for some authentic African-style turban draping, teamed with bright prints for a statement look. To complete the outfit, add some earrings and funky brooches, which will highlight the quirky turban style.

Art Prints

A new trend this summer season is purely about artist prints. The rule to follow to not look over the top with these wacky prints is to perfectly balance bold prints with a solid bloc basic element. You can try to opt for painting pints on circular flared skirts or even a pencil skirt teamed with a basic white shirt.

Made in India: Textiles

The summer season is the perfect season to show the world your closet with a dosage of Indian textiles. Opt for traditional textiles in modern shapes, cuts and forms. For example, select traditional Kutchi cross-stitch embroidery in original patterns and textiles from across India, it’s time to utilise crafts in more contemporary and stylish ways. Also a tip not to forget, do not opt for wear bright contrasts and clashing colours, it will be far too much!